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Fucking Insane

Three dead in nightclub shooting. Fourth person seruously injured
Sunday, October 29, 2006

Three men died early Sunday after shots rang out at a nightclub in downtown Edmonton, police said.

Police received a report of several shots being fired at the nightclub at about 2:30 a.m., said Edmonton Police spokesman Jeff Wuite.

“Our officers responded immediately to that address, where we found two adult males already deceased,” Wuite said.

Several other people were injured and a third adult male died shortly after being taken to hospital.

One other male who was injured is listed in serious condition, while the others suffered injuries that are considered minor, Wuite said.

It’s not known when autopsies will be conducted, but they won’t be done until Monday at the earliest, Wuite said.

Police have made no arrests, but investigators have the “utmost confidence” that some “pretty good leads” will be developing soon.

“We have in excess of 20 witnesses who are being interviewed by our gang and homicide detectives,” Wuite said.

“We anticipate to get some pretty good information from them.”

And someone was stabbed at a rave and gravly injured but that one hasn't made it into the paper yet.

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